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Removable Car Magnets

Magnetic Signs and Car Magnets Usage

Magnets are an excellent removable signage that provide a quality form of vehicle signage with the advantage of being taken on and off when needed. Vehicle magnets are not designed to be stuck on and left permanently and need to be maintained and used in the correct conditions. Please consider our vehicle decals or other signage if you need more permanent vehicle signs. By looking after your magnets you will have a great looking and long lasting vehicle signage that can pay for itself over and over. Please follow the guidelines below for effective use of your magnets.

Preparing your magnet
We try to deliver the magnets flat when possible but due to sizing and postage constraints some magnets need to be rolled for sending. If your magnet is rolled, it needs to be unrolled and flattened before applying to any moving vehicle or surface. To do this simply remove from packaging and place the magnets individually on the side of a fridge or if that is not available a smooth flat table. Leave the magnets for at least 24 hours before using. After this time you should notice the magnets will not curl and remain fairly flat. This means they are ready to apply. Applying a heavily curled magnet reduces magnetic adhesion and can possibly cause the magnet to come off in some cases.

The Magnetic Surface for your Car Magnet

  1. Please ensure your car is not alloy based before ordering as magnets will not stick to most alloys. (ie Land Rovers) A simple test is to place a fridge magnet on the vehicle to ensure it sticks.
  2. If the surface has been painted recently, ensure that the surface paints and coatings are properly cured before applying your car magnet. This includes the following general curing times. Please check with your paint supplier for accurate details.

    • Car Paints - 90 days
    • Clear Coatings - 60 days
    • Wax and Polish - 3 days

  3. Ensure the surface of the vehicle and surface of the car magnet is clean and dry before application. Be sure that the surface and car magnet does not have any dirt or particles on them as this can scratch or damage paint work.

Applying the Car Magnets

  1. Only affix the car magnet to smooth, flat, clean surfaces. Do not apply over ridges or tight curves.
  2. Apply an edge of the magnet and allow the rest of the magnet to adhere itself to the surface.
  3. Do not try to reposition by pulling or stretching. This can damage the magnet or surface it's being applied to. Completely remove the magnet and re-apply.
  4. Ensure there are no air pockets and that the sides and corners of the magnet are smooth and flush with the surface.

Maintenance and Cleaning your Car Magnets

  1. Avoid using the magnet in extreme conditions such as temperatures above 37°C or below -5°C. Use in these extreme conditions can damage the magnet and/or possibly make them very difficult to remove. Do not use if it is overly windy or you are travelling at higher speeds.
  2. Be aware that long term use on surfaces exposed frequently to sunlight (ie. vehicles) can result in uneven fading of the surface.
  3. Magnets should be removed regularly and both the surface and magnet gently cleaned with a mild detergent wash. For vehicles ensure this is done at least once a week, more if the environment is dusty or dirty. Build up of dirt and dust under the magnet can either cause loss of the sheet while driving.
  4. Do not leave the magnet permanently on the surface, they are designed to be removed and cleaned weekly to ensure a good bond to the surface and reduce the risk of adhereing to the surface.
  5. In rain or wet conditions ensure the magnet is removed from the surface when finished. Dry both the magnet and surface before re-applying. Do not leave a wet magnet on a wet surface for long periods as it can cause damage to the magnet and/or surface it is applied. Water beneath the magnet can also reduce the magnetic adhesion.
  6. Remove the magnets before car washing. Do not use chemicals, solvents or abrasive products on the magnets. Do not use brushes or high pressured hoses to clean the magnet.
  7. Always ensure the magnet and magnet surface is clean, smooth and dry before and during magnet use.

Storing your Car Magnets when not in use.

  1. Place car magnets on a clean flat surface. Do not place objects on magnets. (Store on the side of a fridge if possible)

* Important
Applying the car magnets to a surface without following the above guidelines can result in damage or loss of the magnet or damage to the surface where the car magnet is being placed. Rusty Gate Print + Design will not be liable for any damage or problems arising from the abuse, misuse or failure to follow these instructions and by ordering with us you agree to follow these basic care instructions. by
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